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100% loss. Now my investing mantra is
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About the Team

who we are and what we do for you
Jae Jun
Captain of Old School Value
Helping to steer your investing journey

Investor, blogger and founder of Old School Value.

I love to write, share and create useful tools to help investors.
Engineer by trade. Blogger, investor and entrepreneur at night.

Hanna Jun
OSV Cheerleader
Gimme an O, gimme a S, gimme a V

Main responsibility involves kicking Jae in the butt to get going.

No slacking off while I'm cheerleading.
Also the brains behind OSV :P

Senior Analyst
Fall in love with the investing process

Think of stocks as owning a small piece of a business.
But for most people, they either get it or they don't.
Graduated from the Graham school of business along with BuffettDawg, Warren Buffett's sidekick.

Head of Security
Everything must go through me

I oversee and protect all assets.
I also maintain my portfolio of expensive men's and women's shoes to chew on. Everything has to pass my sniff test too.
For now.. sooo.. sleepy.. snore

Our Mission and Story

but it's never about us
1,000 Children Sponsorship Mission

This could be another fluff piece of what we do, and how we are better than the competition, but at Old School Value, we don't like to focus on ourselves.

Simply put, it's never about us.

It's because of you that Old School Value exsits and to honor that, our mission is to help others and serve the world.

As Christians, our goal is to love God, love people and serve the world. That's why we have a crazy goal of sponsoring 1,000 children through Compassion.

There is a long way to go but we are taking it one step at a time and have you to thank for helping us strive towards this goal.

Short posts about our experience can be found here and here.

How it All Started

Jae here. I come from an unconventional investing background because I never took any formal finance or business related classes.

In fact, I disliked anything to do with finance and business. I had laser tunnel vision on becoming an engineer and that was that.

But life loves to throw curveballs and I started to invest in the 4th quarter of 2007 with about $5,000.

I lost more than half of it on bad advice but it turns out that this curveball was the best thing that happened to me.

And so Old School Value was born in 2007 with the purpose of sharing and teaching what I had learned and that's what I am still doing today.

Our Commitment to You

At Old School Value, the least we can do is follow these basic foundational principles.

This is to ensure maximum customer service and happiness, but also common sense.

You First

You are more than just a visitor. You are a person and a potential relationship we can build. We don't measure success by sales or investment performance, but by customer happiness.


We don't hide behind "proprietary algorithms" and other mumbo jumbo. All the tools, resources and articles are transparent. Investing requires knowing what goes on behind the scenes.


Simliar to transparency but we take it one step further.

Being able to acknowledge when we screw up is one of our keys to keeping it real. After all, we are human too.

Won't Compromise Ethics

Our reputation and ethics is all we have. This business is a reflection of us and we will do everything to keep the standard as high as possible. No pumping, no cussing, no lying, no negativity.