Must Read Friday: Buffett = Float = Moat

If you read nothing else this weekend, read this.

I was so blown away by this that I was asking who on earth wrote it. The author is an Indian value investing professor by the name of Prof Sanjay Bakshi who also writes on Fundoo Professor.

It is a 53 page powerpoint which makes it easy to read. The content however, requires some thought as it dives into the use of float by Buffett and how it has become his advantage and ultimately, Berkshire’s moat.

Buffett on Float and Moats

  • Hemanshu Narsana

    Yeah Prof Bakshi has a big following in the Indian Value Investing community! :) Good to see his work being acknowleged abroad as well! :)

  • Stable Investor

    We are sure that your international readers would benefit a lot from Professor Bakshi’s common sense based philosophy of value investing. :)

  • Tyler

    Interesting read. Thanks!

  • Old School Value

    thanks for introducing the professor me. I’m eager to read more of his stuff.

  • Stable Investor

    We highly recommend it Jae. Only true value investors will appreciate what he is capable of doing. And he is indeed doing it :-)