SEC Filings Search Tips and Tricks

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SEC Filings Search Tips and Tricks

Analyzing a company takes time, but with these simple SEC filing search tips and tricks, you will save additional hours in your research process and discover new content you never imagined.

Tutorial to Easily Auto Track Insider Transactions

The SEC website has come a long way and there are new features being added regularly. However, the SEC filing search method is not user friendly. This tutorial will teach you how to use some intermediate search techniques to automatically notify you of insider transactions. You no longer have to pay that monthly fee for something you can get for free and quickly.

How to Read SEC Form 4

The SEC Form 4 is a filing related to insider trading. Company insiders and large owners must submit this form for any type of transaction related to their shares or options. Although the form is simpler than most SEC filings, the Form 4 still has a lot of codes that you need to understand.

Read the article to learn how to read the SEC Form 4.

The Complete & Practical Guide to Mastering the DEF 14A Proxy

You will always hear people tell you to read the annual reports, but there is another document that companies must file with the SEC called a proxy. The code for a proxy is DEF14a. This document contains lots of information and is also where companies try to hide information that they do not want investors to know about.

This is a complete guide going over every section of the proxy so that you can be a Proxy black belt.

Tutorial to Quickly Detect Changes in the Annual Report Footnotes

Management not only try to hide information from investors in the def14a proxy document, the footnotes of annual reports are treasure troves of information where bits and pieces are stuck in or removed in a certain year.

Such small changes in words are not visible to the human eye, but this quick and easy method will automatically highlight any changes between two documents. A great way to discover important changes.

Advanced SEC Search Techniques

Before there was Windows, everything was done by entering commands. Having a user interface makes it easy, but it also limits the potential. The SEC filings search is similar. You can do it the simple and standard way, or you can learn some additional commands which will take your searching technique and ability to uncover information to a whole new level.

This may be titled advanced, but everyone can still do it and steps are clearly provided to help you.

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