3 Large Cap Stock Valuations (AAPL, IBM, CSCO)

Here are three recent large cap stock valuation articles I wrote.

On this blog, my focus has always been on small caps so I haven’t written much about the bigger boys, but see what you think of these articles and if this is the type of valuation you want more of for large caps, leave a comment and I’ll start to mix in more of this type into the blog.

Have an awesome weekend!

  • Hugo

    Hi Jae. This is very interesting and I’d like to see more valuations of large cap stocks. Thanks. Hugues

  • only a couple of responses so far 🙁

  • Drew

    I am interested in large cap valuations as well.

  • Jacob

    I also appreciate the large-cap valuations. For comparison, it would be interesting to read an analysis resulting in a SELL recommendation.

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