Is Intel Priced to Fail? Two Articles on Intel

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As I didn’t get much response about large caps, it’d be better to post links up in a single post as opposed to filling your inbox.

The company in focus is Intel.

Couple of valuation articles for you to read.

Intel Is A Solid Pick Worth Over $35

Quick Summary

Intel (INTC) has solid fundamentals and passes all quality checks with flying colors. Valuation ratios are at all-time lows and fair value calculations shows the company to be valued in the $34 – $37 range.

With its dividend yield just under 4%, Intel looks to be a great buy for dividend investors.

Why The Market Is Wrong Believing Intel Will Grow at Less Than 3.8%

Quick Summary

Using reverse valuation methods, the market expects Intel to grow between -2.3 to 3.8%.

What’s With All These Large Cap Valuations?

There is only so much I can write in an article when analyzing a company. Obviously you don’t want to read 5 pages of analysis. I believe that’s overkill for any blog.

So with these large cap valuations, it provides a good look at the things I look for when analyzing numbers. Large caps are also good to get feedback. More people know about it so you hear a wide variety of comments and there are always good points that I may have not thought about or missed.

So in an effort to make sure I don’t get lazy and continue to keep trying to value companies (practice makes perfect) I’ve been writing about large caps in between the education focused articles I write on Old School Value.

Small caps and interesting names will also continue to show up on the blog.

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