Old School Value Screens

Screen NameDescription
NCAVNet current asset value. Stocks trading at a 33% discount to NCAV.
NNWCNet Net Working Capital. Stocks trading below NNWC. Commonly referred to as net nets.
NNWC IncreasingStocks that have increased their NNWC from the previous quarter. Signs of a potential turnaround.
Graham ChecklistScreen based on Benjamin Graham's 10 criteria for stock selection.
Graham ValuationScreen based on Benjamin Graham's valuation formula from "The Intelligent Investor"
CROICCash Return on Invested Capital. Stocks able to generate cash off their investments.
FCF CowsStocks that generate plenty of FCF. Very strong cash generators.
Negative Enterprise ValueStocks that trade below their enterprise value. Another method to find cheap stocks and net net stocks.
Share Buy BackStocks where stocks have been bought back. Number of shares outstanding has been decreasing.
Insider BuyingStocks where insiders have been buying.
Altman ZStocks with an Altman Z score of above 3. These companies are fundamentally healthy with no chance of bankruptcy.
Piotroski ScoreStocks with strong fundamentals. Healthy stocks that also help to filter out bad investments.

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