EBIT Multiple Stock Value Calculator

A simple stock price calculator using EBIT multiples

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EBIT Multiples Valuation Method
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How to Use Tutorial Article

Read the accompanying article using DELL as an example of how to use this EBIT calculator to the fullest.

Calculator Input Explanations

(1) For Each Operating Segment:

EBIT multiple calculation can be used for sum of the parts valuation.

Perform the same step for each part of the operating business and then sum it up to get the total value.

(2) Normalized Revenue Estimate

To get a normalized value, take the average or median across multiple years.

(3) Projected Normalized Operating Margin

Enter the operating margin for each scenario.

(4) Valuation Multiple

Enter the EBIT multiple that you wish to use for each scenario. Look at comparable industry and competitor levels if you are unsure.

(5) Less Off Balance Sheet Debt

These are liabilities that are not found in the balance sheet. It can be found in the footnotes of the annual reports.

A quick way to search for this is to do a find for the term "off balance sheet" or "off-balance sheet" in the filings.

(6) Price/Intrinsic Value Ratio

The lower the better. Simply price divided by the calculated intrinsic value of equity.