My 2014 Q1 Value Stock Screener Performances

Drum roll please. The 2014 Q1 results for the value screens are in. Of the 15 pre-defined screens that I have up for free, 9 are beating the market which is a 60% win rate at the moment. But one quarter doesn’t tell you anything. Just a vanity stat I threw out there. Let me [...]


The 2013 Value Stock Screen Performances

Each year I provide an update on the performance of how the value stock screeners performed at Old School Value. These screeners were pre-defined which I use for idea generation and are also provided free of charge. To answer a question I get regularly, these screens are open for all to use and not part [...]


Updates on 8 Stocks That I Hold and Publicly Discussed

It’s been a while since I last summed up the status of the stocks I covered on this blog and as requested by a reader, I owe it to many of you who bought based on what I wrote. Upfront disclosure is that I hold each one of these companies, but this is not the [...]


A Performance Update on the Top 10 Stocks Chosen by Value Investors

With so much drama and noise in the news, I had forgotten about a certain portfolio that I track. A portfolio constructed of community voted stocks, which I call crowd investing. At the end of the year, investors enter a short stock thesis which people can then vote up or down. The top 10 are [...]


My 2012 Year End Performance

Although I beat the market last year and currently still beating the market since inception, I’m not satisfied with how 2012 turned out. First the positives: Much less activity. 26 total transactions in 2012 vs 41 in 2011 vs 82 in 2010. Less mistakes Analyzed more companies than in 2011 Didn’t look at stock quotes [...]

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