Install & FAQ’s

April 2, 2009 | Comments (11)

The installation and troubleshooting guide has been updated to include all issues so far as experienced by myself and users.

With the premium purchase, the install guide in PDF is included in the package.

Install Video

Online Version of Install Guide and FAQ

If you install the spreadsheet and it doesn’t update automatically, PRESS F9 which is the refresh key for excel.

  • http://thisone peter


    I’m trying to read the install and FAQ pdf but my work has blocked it because of the way it is appearing. Do you have a URL for the PDF or is there another spot on the website I can view it?


  • Tyler

    How did you get around the fact that with the RCHGetTable add-in you are only able to access 1000 web pages, otherwise you get the “Error – Too many web pages” message in each excel cell. It seems to me that your 10y OSV exceeds the limit; and yet doesn’t get the error. I was curious how you did this?

    Also, I have really found your tool helpful. Many thanks,


  • Jae Jun

    It doesn’t exceed 1000 pages. It is only about 200web pages so well within the limit. There is also a SMFforcecalculation function that you can use to dump cache to refresh.

  • Octavia

    I’m still having trouble receiving all of the import information for an accurate calculation. I’m working with Office 2010 and was able to install and activate the add in. After typing in a new ticker symbol, the spreadsheet calculates for about 5sec to reach 57% and then no values are populated into any of the cells. How can I identify what has gone wrong here?
    Thank you