The Objective Way to Analyze and Value Stocks

Analyzing and valuing stocks just got a whole lot simpler and easier
Self Directed Investors
If you manage your own portfolio

You have a passion for investing.

But you also have other day to day responsibilites keeping you busy.

You need something that can:

perform in-depth financial analysis
save you time from tedious data entry
find quality stocks to invest in

Old School Value is a ready made solution because building your own valuation spreadsheet is time intensive.

What's more, you will deepen your understanding of financial analysis and make quicker, smarter and well informed decisions.

Finance Professionals
Fund managers, analysts and advisors

Your day is busy.

With Old School Value:
get a good feel for a stock in just a few minutes
focus more time and energy on reading proxy statements
go over the footnotes in the financial reports
respond and communicate confidently with clients about buying/selling securities

That's not all, Old School Value is less than one tenth the price of a Bloomberg Terminal but provides more fundamental data and gives you the ability to edit and add your own favorite metrics.

For Beginners
New to investing and learning

This is not for beginners. A learning curve is required because the valuation methods in the models. Unless you know what you are doing, you will be overwhelmed.

With effort you will be able to learn how to use it effectively like some members. However it will be too complicated for very new investors.

The benefit is that you will:
learn how to analyze and value stocks
show you what to avoid
help you get into a process centered investing habit

But lots of learning and a solid understanding of financial analysis is required. Help documents, videos and tutorials are available.

Single Stock Ticker Input

Hundreds of data points is downloaded, analyzed, crunched and delivered to your fingertips.

All the valuations are processed in as little as 29 seconds and you can use the comprehensive suite of data to get a good feel for a company in just a matter of minutes.

You also have full control to edit and add your favorite ratios.

"Serious and thoughtful, yet easy to use."
old school value easy to use

Your portfolio and performance is important and we understand that.

We understand that you need a serious tool offering more than just high level numbers to guide your investment decisions.

With Old School Value, our focus is on making complicated data and valuation easy to use. Minimal learning curve is required so that you can focus your time on important research.

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Rich and Thorough Stock Valuation Models

A profitable investment comes down to knowing what price to pay and that is what Old School Value specializes in.

Use the diverse stock valuation methods to get an all round view of what a stock is worth.

Discounted Cash Flow

Detailed, thorough, yet flexible. Easy to choose different inputs and make adjustments.

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Ben Graham Model

Easy to use and understand valuation model that uses earnings and growth rates.

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Balance Sheet Valuation

Easily adjust the balance sheet to check the tangible assets of the business.

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Earnings Power Value

An advanced valuation utilizing the income statement and balance sheet.

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Make Objective and Informed Decisions
intrinsic value graph

The dynamic spreadsheets allows you to input, save, educate, research and analyze all in one spot.

You will improve your investing process as the tool helps you to stick to an analysis process and know what to look for.

This will help you be better informed when making a stock buying or selling decision.

One Stop for In-Depth Financial Data

Retrieve data from a dedicated feed connection making use of Edgar Online data.

Old School Value is more than just a great time saver and valuation tool. With Old School Value, you get access to in-depth data in a user friendly format.

Always Connected

As long as you are connected to the internet, you can access data anytime, anywhere. Get data directly from a pro data feed.

One Click Download

Click the run button and all data is downloaded automatically. No need to mess with saving and sorting through files.

Fully Transparent

You can see exactly what numbers are being used and where it is coming from. Everything is unlocked and transparent.

No Data Scraping

We have a direct connection to a pro data feed. No need for manual data entry or unreliable scrapped data from the net.