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Research fundamental value & quality metrics and use models proven to work over the long-term to screen, analyze, and calculate a stock's intrinsic value

Use our Action Score stock grading system that outperforms the S&P 500

Pick winning stocks in minutes, not days with automated models and spreadsheets

Actionable and Insightful Value Investing Tools to Analyze and Interpret Stocks

Focus your fundamental stock analysis and research on what matters.

6 Valuation Models

Use our Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Price Implied Expectation, Ben Graham formula, EBIT multiples, Absolute PE, and Earnings Power Value models to triangulate a stock's intrinsic value.

Advanced & Proven Metrics

Easily check quality metrics like the Piotroski F, Altman Z, and Beneish M Scores to detect red flags early to prevent buying value traps. Track proven value metrics like EV/EBITDA, P/FCF, P/B, P/E, and the Magic Formula.

PRO Spreadsheet

Pre-built valuation and analysis models so you don't have to waste hours entering data and maintaining your spreadsheets. We give you one that does it all - and lets you customize it. 100% transparent and unlocked formulas in Excel.

Learn As You Go

Don't know what any of this means? We have tons of help right in the app to help teach you the fundamentals of investing.

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Use Our Market-Beating Action Score System

Proprietary Combination of Quality, Value & Growth Metrics Produce the Best Results


Great companies that will be around for the long-term.


Ensure the price you pay is attractive.


Find companies with a track record of continued growth . Not just defined as "the opposite of Value."

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Value Investing Insiders

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Data for all US stocks, including ADRs and OTC
OSV Stock Grades & Ranks
Pre-built Valuation tools including DCF, Reverse DCF, Graham's Formula, EBIT Valuation
Quality Checks Including Piotroski, Altman Z, Beneish M
Key Stats, Estimates, and Insider trades
Custom Stock Screeners
Portfolio Tracking

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Everything in Standard Plus:
Excel Spreadsheet Analyzer (Windows)
Export data to CSV
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