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I've been a value investor since 2007 after my first 100% loss. Now my investment mantra is VALUATION, VALUATION, VALUATION.

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Our commitment and core values to you

Our core values that define our culture, brand and business strategy.

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Customers = house guests
Each interaction is a relationship. Every customer, reader or visitor is our house guest. We will treat you with the respect and honor we give to our own house guests.
Be honest + transparent
We openly admit and share our values, learnings, mistakes and the way we run our business. We do not sell anything that we do not use ourselves.
People > money
We believe that revenue is a result of how we connect with you. We do not seek short term sales or "quick" marketing tactics. Our goal is to build and serve a community of like minded investors.
Pursue growth & learning
We try everyday to learn and improve our life, lives around us, our thinking, relationships, investing skills, products, customer service and internal culture.

Our mission and story

Sure we want old school value to be the defacto value investing platform, but here's a better story

old school value story and mission

1,000 children sponsorship mission

Jae here.

This could be a typical jargon filled fluff piece of what we do, and how we are better than the competition, but at Old School Value, it's not about us.

The truth is that we won't exist without our precious insiders and readers - you.

Just as how we depend on you, a lot of people depend on others for support.

That's why our mission is to love God, love people and serve the world. We have a crazy goal of sponsoring 1,000 children through Compassion International and we have a long way to go, but we are getting there one child at a time.

old school value beginnings

Back to how it started

The short version is that my first "investment" was in variable life insurance. I wised up later and forfeited the $5,000 I put in.

I realized nobody cares about my finances as much as I did. That day, I decided to take control of my finances.

Never having studied finance, investing, economics, business or programming in my education, it was an uphill battle.

Lessons from Ben Graham, Warrren Buffett, Bruce Greenwald, Joel Greenblatt, Seth Klarman, Howard Marks and countless other investors helped with where I am now.

Also, we try harder.

Having struggled from the bottom, my goal is to always spill my guts with you on what I'm continually learning.

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Greetings from our team

jae jun old school value

The Value Investor

Researcher, blogger and founder. Customer service fanatic and your dedicated account manager.


Captain of Old School Value

old school value

The General

Dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experience and driving deadlines behind the scenes.


Growth & Customer Success

old school value analyzer member

The Chef

Slices, dices and creates something out of nothing to create WOW user experiences like a world class chef.

Trong Tran

Lead Front End Developer

old school value analyzer member

The Maestro

Turns ideas into reality. Orchestrates technology, features and future development like a musical maestro.

Sergio Karsvnie

Lead Back End Developer

old school value analyzer member

The Magician

Takes user feedback and turns it into UI, UX and features for wonderful functionality and usability.

Tuyen N.T.

Front End Developer

old school value analyzer member

The Wizard

Weaves VBA code and back end skills to support the OSV Spreadsheets and data crunching.

Renaud Montes

Back End Developer

old school value analyzer member

The Forward

Keeps OSV running optimally and tackles cyber security issues with precision like a football player.

Andrii Perkhun

Database and HW Architect

old school value analyzer member

The Emcee

Behind the scenes extraordinaire. Keeps the show rolling whether it hails, rains or shines.

Lanber Danas

Operational Assistant Manager

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