Book Review of How to Make Money in Value Stocks

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Being a value investor sounds simple. Just follow two basic principles.

  1. Search for cheap stocks by reading or through a value screener
  2. Determine the intrinsic value of the company and protect yourself with a margin of safety

Sounds simple but it isn’t easy. This is discussed thoroughly in the free ebook, How to Make Money in Value Stocks by the people at Stockopedia.

The Book is Useful For…

It’s a great introductory book to value investing. At just 70 pages, it is short, easy to read and the concepts are concise and explained well.

I just hate books that drag on and drive you crazy with useless filler and big words with the purpose of making the author sound smart. No thanks.

This one is the opposite. Pick it up, and read it from beginning to end easily.

Novice investors will appreciate it but it’s also a useful refresher on value investing principles and valuation methods. Definitions are provided as well as the calculations where necessary.

What’s In It?

How to Make Money in Value Stocks is organized into three broad topics.

  1. Exploring key principles
  2. Identifying shortcuts to find value stocks
  3. Five different value investing strategies

A lot of behavioral finance topics are covered with the right amount of math. Nothing complicated though. Discussions on behavioral finance such as overconfidence and aversion to losses provide for an interesting read.

The book also covers many of the valuation methods used and taught here at old school value. Methods such as the Graham formula, earnings power value and net nets. Determining the intrinsic value is highly subjective, so read broadly on the topic to see what suits you.

How to Get the Book

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