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This is an update to share what’s going on behind the scenes at old school value.

I like to give updates once a while to let you guys in on what’s happening, share my visions for old school value and to just show that I’m human and for us to grow a connection through the written word.

A lot of the times, I’m so locked in on getting specific projects and tasks complete that I forget to look up, take a breather and appreciate the beauty of the forest and not just the humongous tree I’m constantly trying to stare down.

2015 Old School Value Update

My goals with content is to always strive for 2 quality posts per week.

Key words there are strive and quality. Doesn’t always work out, but being consistent and persevering is probably why you’re a reader of this blog.

Now I haven’t been posting as much in the past couple of weeks as I’ve been heavily immersed in the design and development side of old school value.

Since early February, my team and I have been upgrading the data provider to the Old School Value Analyzer too.

The goal is to continually find ways to make the application better and with the new data provider, I’m positive that it will lead to a strong foundation for an even richer level of analysis.

But there’s been some unforeseen issues with the data provider and because I’m also increasing the amount of data for a stock by about 2x, the performance has slowed which is what we are working to improve on before releasing.

So that’s one reason for the lack of posts, but I’ll be picking up the slack.

Don’t worry about that 🙂

Creating a Better Future for Readers and Members

One of biggest projects currently underway is creating an online version of the stock analyzer.

I needed a good kick in the butt as I’ve been procrastinating on this for so long. But with so many people asking for it and finally being able to bootstrap the funds to kick it into gear, we are running full speed to create the best possible usability application for stock analysis.

Ultimately the reason you invest in the stock market is to make money.

Make money to;

  • retire earlier
  • increase your retirement income
  • have some extra funds to be able to do the things you enjoy
  • support causes that you stand for
  • help others financially
  • buy your dream home
  • go on a much needed vacation
  • fund your child’s educational expenses
  • build a safety net
  • achieve financial independence
  • and more

But many people take a rough path towards their goals because the markets are filled with bad advice, using the wrong tools and creating bad habits and bad investment decisions.

These are problems that we are aiming to fix with the online application.

Sponsoring Children via Compassion International

Since 2010, my wife and I have been sponsoring children via Compassion International.

This is something that I’ve publicly shared because I strongly believe in doing things for others. We went on a trip to meet the children that we sponsor in person and it was definitely a eye opening and life changing experience.

I like don’t the phrase “life changing” because it is just so cliche, but it was.

But in a consumer focused world, it’s so easy to think about yourself all the time. After all, that’s what brands and companies want you to do so that yo u keep spending money.

Well Compassion International is a Christian organization focused on providing education and fostering growth and helping children among low income families.

They are very close to my heart as well because I’m Korean by birth.

(I became a US citizen a couple months back woohoo!)

But Compassion was created after the founder was moved after witnessing the orphans in Korea during the war and wanted to do something.


Now I feel it is my fiduciary duty to pay it forward to children in other countries.

With the way life gets so crowded and busy, I’ve definitely slacked off writing letters to each of the children I sponsor, but Easter is coming up and serves as a great reminder to send them letters of encouragement.

My tip for supporting any charity is to do your due diligence.

Treat them like stocks.

Go through how they spend money and whether it’s going towards the right purpose instead of being wasted on fancy marketing gimmicks to raise more money, which goes back into more marketing gimmicks.

Use Charity Navigator to find out whether a charity is worth giving to or not.

Behind the Scenes at Old School Value

Hope that gives you a glimpse into what’s happening and I hope you continue to check back.

Always appreciate your readership and feedback 🙂

What is Old School Value?

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