10 Best Articles of 2011 + 29 Timeless Articles Chosen by You

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In adherence to my blog posting policy of quality and timelessness over quantity, I didn’t write as frequently as previous years but I’m happy that  you’ve found a lot of the content in 2011 useful.

I’m going to break down the most popular posts by category. Bookmark this page or save the links, because they are full of practical information.

Now let’s take a look back.

10 Most Popular Articles of 2011

Finally! 7 Ways to Achieve Mind Blowing Returns : A list of 7 characteristics you need to beat the market.

Now is the time to PANIC : In a volatile year, full of uncertainty, this is a call to get up and keep your head on straight.

Tutorial to Easily Auto Track Insider Transactions : One of the many tutorials and how to’s I wrote this year. Learn how to track all insider transactions without having to pay for anything.

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Tutorial to Quickly Detect Changes in the Footnotes : An excellent technique to quickly find any changes in the footnotes of 10-Q’s and 10-K’s. Will save you tons of time.

My Highest Conviction Pick and Other Links : A discussion of Dacha along with other links timeless articles to help your investing.

The Business and Risk of Bolt Technologies & Here’s One Stock to Boost Your Portfolio : Deeper stock analysis of BOLT which I find to be a high quality company.

On Sale. 40% off my Highest Conviction Pick : Full stock analysis and discussion of Dacha Strategic Metals.

You Just Made These 5 Investing Mistakes : Find out whether you are making these simple mistakes when investing.

How about Going Through 200 Stocks with Me? : Each year, I go through the Forbes Best Small Companies. This year, I revisited the Forbes 2009 list consisting of 200 companies.

Basics Series

A collection of my experiences of how I went about learning to invest.

How to Invest In the Stock Market-Background

How to Invest In the Stock Market-Getting Started

How to Invest In the Stock Market-Getting Harder

How to Invest in the Stock Market-Reflections

Book Reviews

Increase your knowledge through good books.

Investment Book Review: Financial Shenanigans

You Can Be A Stock Market Genius!

Guest Posts

Fine articles by guest posters.

Stop fooling yourself. You are not Warren Buffett.

The Evolution of Warren Buffett as an Investor

Investing without a framework is financial suicide

Investing Perspectives

A couple of old links but heavily read. Timeless material.

The Value of Not Being Sure: Seth Klarman

Value Stock Investment Criteria

Investment Strategies

A new screen I created and monitoring is doing very well in the market.

This Low Expectation Screen is Outperforming by 13% YTD

Valuation Methods

Practical tutorials on stock valuation.

Value Stocks Like a Pro. The Absolute PE Model

How to Value a Stock with Reverse DCF

Discounted Cash Flow & Stock Valuation

Financial Statement Series

You need to master the financial statements to be a better investor.

How to Master Analyzing the Cash Flow Statement

How to Master Analyzing the Income Statement

How to Master Analyzing the Balance Sheet

How Companies Misuse Capitalizing of Expenses

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