5 Popular Posts From 2008 to 2012 Giving the Most Bang for Your Buck

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Once in a while Jae lists the most relevant and popular posts from the OSV blog. But now, he has given me free reign (maybe) to go through and share popular posts that people are searching for. With over 600 articles on old school value, I’m going to miss out of many, but I’ll get to those at a later date.

So without further ado, here they are.

#1: Best Free Stock Portfolio Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet is nowhere near as powerful as Excel, but it is useful for many things.

One of them being the creation of this free portfolio spreadsheet you can copy to your account and start using right away. Also, if you have the time, quickly read the comments because there are more tips and insight in them.

#2: Balance Sheet Analysis Walk-through

Back in 2009, a company by the name of Circuit went bankrupt. Here is a walk-through of what was going on with the balance sheet at that time.

#3: FIFO LIFO Inventory Valuation Methods

This is one of the most regularly visited posts on a daily basis. If you want to learn  more about FIFO and LIFO inventory methods and how it is calculated, make sure to read this.

It’s part of the aggressive, conservative accounting series.

#4: How to Research and Determine the Growth Rate of a Company

Determining growth is 3 dimensional and is one of the most difficult variables to figure out. Sure it’s just a single number, but so much goes into it. Here are some thoughts on the qualitative side of what to think about when trying to figure out growth.

This post is also from early 2008, when OSV was in the early stages of blogging.

#5: Look at All These Spinoffs Beating the Market

Spinoffs are everywhere, but it’s an area that has taken a backseat as the market continues to go up and sideways. Here is a look at previous spinoffs from 2011 and how they performed going forward. Gives more reason to keep an eye out for spinoffs when you can.

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