Best Investment Articles Starting with a Bang in 2014

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Happy Lunar New Year to old school value’s Asian readers

January came and went like a flash.

However, the OSV staff has been hard at work to bring you valuable information and food for thought. We hope to continue bringing you information that is helpful to you and to apply it in the coming months.

Here are the 5 best articles that has helped start OSV with a bang in 2014.

1. My Best Investment Recommendation of 2014

Investing to make millions seems to be the goal of everyone. However, most people just want to know what other people are investing in order to make money quickly. Here at old school value we want you to learn how to analyze stocks and make it easier so that you don’t just follow recommendations from other people.

2. 5 Common Investment Mistakes I Made that You Should Avoid

As founder of old school value, Jae is not claiming he is perfect when it comes to investment decisions.

Here are the 5 common investing mistakes Jae made that we all hope to avoid. From timing the market to ignoring his checklist, you can pick up some valuable lessons here.

3. Want High Net Net Stock Returns? Leave Your Emotions at the Door

Evan Blekker of Net Net Hunter delves into what it takes to get high returns from unloved net net stocks.

Let’s face it, some net net stocks just don’t pass the smell test.

You feel uncomfortable even looking at them and most of them are scary as heck. This post will help your decision making when dealing with net nets.

4. Coach is a Value Play. Target Price is $71. Stock Report Included.

Here is a great guest post that Jae is excited about.

After earnings, Coach fell about 6% and is down 14% YTD. When compared to the market being down 3%, this is not good.

However, consider that a 6% fall after earnings was a surprise in that it didn’t go lower. Retailers usually get hammer down 20% or so.

Seeing this, a lot of pessimism is already included in the stock. A good idea to revisit the stock if you are interested.

5. Don’t Assassinate Your Small Investor Advantage

Evan continues his streak of great guest posts.

This time he pounds on his main theses that small investors have a real advantage over the pros.

Maybe 2014 will be the first real year of opportunity since 2008.

Be careful out there.

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