The 12 Best Value Investing Articles from 2012

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best value investing articles

In 2012, 123 articles were published, not including this one. That’s an average of one every three days and enough to make a book!

So to wrap up the year and before I get into finalizing year end performances for my portfolio and screeners, here are the best value investing articles I wrote in 2012.

The 3 Best Value Investing Articles of 2012

#1: 3 Get to the Point Stock Analysis

I was surprised to see this article at number one. It was a stock analysis in point form for three companies.

1. ADDvantage Technologies Group (AEY), 2. Hibbett Sports (HIBB) and 3. iGo Inc (IGOI)


#2: One Characteristic Buffett’s Holdings All Have in Common

Daniel Sparks of Valuefolio brought us a great simple article on why Buffett does so well with his picks.


#3: 10 Best Articles of 2011 + 29 Timeless Articles Chosen by You

The list of last year’s top value investing articles.


Honorable Value Investing Articles of 2012

#4: 5 Reasons To Doubt My Analysis

Another piece by Daniel Sparks. A discussion of why following people into stocks is not a good idea.


#5: How to Beat the Market with the Sloan Ratio

With so many metrics and quantitative measures in investing, the Sloan Ratio used to check accruals is one that is not well known.


#6: Using the O-Metrix Score to Find Cheap Stocks with High Potential

Another score based valuation method. Not used at Old School Value Investing, but some people swear by it.


#7: The Cash Conversion Cycle to Help You Pick Winners and Losers

A basic accounting measure that is very handy in investing. Measure the cash conversion cycle!


#8: How Buffett Made Money in Bad and Volatile Markets

Beating the market is hard enough, but Buffett beat the market every single year with his partnership, but how?


#9: Characteristics of Value Stocks & Value Traps

A look at what makes a stock a value stock or a value trap.


#10: Stock Valuation Method for Dividend Stocks

Want to learn how to value dividend stocks? Read the above link.


#11: The One Thing That Can Kill Your Portfolio

I wrote this while reflecting on biases. A good reminder that emotions should be left out of your portfolio.


#12: How to Quickly Value Net Net Stocks

A recent post on how to value net net stocks. I’ll be writing more on how to value certain types of stocks in 2013.


Looking at 2012

That’s it for 2012. Looking at the posts that made it on this final list, I am very glad to see it aligning with the objective of this website which is to educate and empower investors to take charge of their own investments. With a little effort, you can be your own financial analyst and guru.

I feel that Old School Value has taken another step forward in 2012 and I hope to keep up the quality of the site next year and beyond. Over the past year, I’ve encountered new failures, successes and lessons which should make OSV a better place to be in 2013.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Happy New Year!

top value investing articles

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