A Buffett Buffet. 5 Reads for Buffett Fans.

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Happy Friday everyone. It’s time for all Buffett fans to come out and rejoice because it’s Buffett week.

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Buffett’s 2012 Annual Letter to Shareholders [PDF]

Buffett is 82 years old but his mind is still as sharp as ever. Read through his letter or if you don’t want to go through the 24 pages, there are summaries herehere and here.

The best one is from Rap Genius where it goes into the hidden meanings of the letter.

19 Priceless Takeaways From the New Book on Buffett

Carol Loomis’ new book, Tap Dancing to Work, about her close friend Warren Buffett is an embarrassment of riches for investors. If the Oracle of Omaha’s most avid fans wanted just one volume about their hero, this might be it.

The History of Berkshire Hathaway

We all know that the prime investment vehicle for Warren Buffett is Berkshire Hathaway, situated in Omaha, Nebraska, but what is Berkshire Hathaway and how did Buffett get involved?

Trembling with Greed

Keep Warren Buffett’s simple baseball analogy in mind: In stock picking, there are no called strikes — so investors should wait for a home run ball rather than just swinging for singles.

Warren Buffett and His 20 Punches

It’s pretty simple: Each time you buy a new company, your card gets punched. After 20 punches, you’re finished. No more stocks, ever.

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