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Jae Jun

Market is down 6 weeks straight filled with jitters and volatility. Remember to use price as a tool and not an indicator. It is difficult to see my portfolio in the red but when I look at the big picture with a longer term view, my positions are still very much undervalued.

In times like this, the only thing you and I can do is read even more and work on concreting our investment process. The following articles should help with just that.

5 Steps to Finding the NEXT Great Business (video)

Great introductory videos on what to look for in a company. If you or you know somebody wanting to learn more about what to look for in companies, refer them to this video series.

Deliberate Practice – How to become an Expert

Goes over the difference between what a real investment process is vs one that is not. I had to admit I’ve committed quite a few of these myself.

Reading International stock analysis

As a shareholder, I found this to be a very thorough stock analysis of Reading International (RDI). Definitely a read if you own or are interested in learning about the company.

Blog dedicated to creating checklists

Need checklists? Want to improve your own checklists? Then get them from here.

Is Microsoft too Cheap to Ignore?

What is Microsoft worth?

Dual Share Structure: The Google model spreads

Professor Damodaran discusses the dual share structure model.

What is Old School Value?

Old School Value is a suite of value investing tools designed to fatten your portfolio by identifying what stocks to buy and sell.

It is a stock grader, value screener, and valuation tools for the busy investor designed to help you pick stocks 4x faster.

Check out the live preview of AMZN, MSFT, BAC, AAPL and FB.

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