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Happy Friday. A couple of reads before sending you off on your weekend.

Howard Marks latest memo titled “Ditto” (PDF)

I have only skimmed it so far, but tremendous insight as usual.

Key point is on risk.

Humans do not learn what risk is and humans as a whole make the same mistake over and over again. Marks goes over what these themes are.


They say for every bad idea, a  million people have already thought about it. For good ideas, several thousand and for great ideas, hundreds.

Crowd investing is something that has come up a lot recently and the idea behind tracking the top 10 2013 stocks.

Estimize.com is where people enter their own EPS estimates to compare against Wall Street estimates. Interesting or entertaining none the less.

Fellow Aussie Hedge Fund Manager and Blogger Long on Herbalife

I’m an Aussie. So is the fund manager, but he is also mostly a short seller. Here is his take on the current fiasco over Herbalife which he calls “hedge fund porn”.

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