Golden Valuation Articles Found! Must Read

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Jae Jun

All I can say is that I have struck gold with the following list of valuation articles.

The Best Primer on Valuation Multiples (pdf)

I gave it the title of best primer because it really is just that. This was written in 2001 so I’m ten years late to this party.

You won’t find a better discussion and application of valuation multiples anywhere else.

Sum-of-the-Parts Analysis

A fantastic detailed look at analyzing a company using the sum of the parts analysis.

Thanks to ValueWalk for this link.

Western Insurance Securities: Young Warren Buffett

Up until now, I had never found a piece of writing in which Buffett analyzes a stock. This is an article that Buffett in the paper discussing Western Insurance Securities.

Even back then, he was a master of analyzing financial institutions.

Bill Miller April 2011 Commentary (pdf)

We are on the verge of Q2 reports, but Bill Miller’s Q1 report is still a good read.

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