8 Greatest Hits from the Past 60 Days You May Have Missed

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With more content being pushed out at old school value, you may have missed some great articles.

Here are the greatest hits from the last 60 days in order of number of clicks.

#1 How to Find and Download Investment Newsletters and Papers for Free

You can use this tip for anything really.

I just applied it to investing to show you how I go about finding quality content on the internet to share with you on Facebook and Twitter.

#2 Free Download of The Ultimate Guide to Stock Valuation

The big project coming out in August was the free ebook on stock valuation.

I originally planned to convert all the popular posts from this blog from old school value into an organized and rewritten kindle book, but I got scared off completing it. It’s only about 15% done.

However, it resulted in the ebook and from the feedback I’ve received, it’s perfect for people new to valuation and a concise summary for those who are already familiar with the  models.

It’s not rocket science and the idea was to keep it simple and to the point. Glad people are liking it.

I’ve probably pushed this enough via the various places I post. But in addition to getting the ebook, you also get subscribed to a special mailing list where I send you issues of quality content I come across. (Read the #1 link above).

So far so good because only 5% of the people unsubscribed and 55-60% of the people open and download the content I send them.

(If you subscribe, be aware that I make sure to delete inactive people.)

#3 The Art of Value Investing

A big, thick, but great book on value investing. You really need to check out the table of contents to grasp what the book is about. It covers everything you can think of.

I’ve been trying to go through more books along with OSV author Lanber.

The Manual of Ideas is another great book I need to write about.

#4 Liquidity Services: A Small Cap with a Big Moat

Writing about stocks is difficult. If it’s a stock that you aren’t going to buy, it’s even more difficult because it’s easy to gloss over the details.

But it’s important to write about stocks that I wouldn’t buy as well. Sometimes it’s easier to just learn about the red flags you should be looking for.

Liquidity Services is a great little company. Just not at the right valuation.

#5 OSV Giveaway: What’s Behind the Numbers

So far, two giveaways have been completed. Normally I wouldn’t include outdated posts in a list like this, but I wanted to get your feedback.

Are these giveaways something you are interested in?

It actually takes more effort to organize one than to write a lengthy article so after 2 tries and a drop off in entries, I’m leaning towards dropping these giveaways.

Do you want more or don’t care?

#6 Invert, always Invert. 5 Inverted Questions for Maximum Investing Success

This article was inspired by Charlie Munger’s common reference to the quote

Invert. Always invert.

A look at 5 ways you can flip an investment on its head. It should bring a new perspective to your decision making.

#7 Top 3 Useless Stock Metrics that Investors Use

This one made it to the list quite quickly.

A guest post by resident finance math genius “Somrh”.

By using quality metrics to analyze investments, it helps you stay away from the dreaded “activity = achievement” line of thought.

#8 Peerless Systems is a Rare Profitable Net Net and my Pick to Click

A new small position I picked up.

Lots of cash, profitable, misunderstood and discarded.

It’s a net net and that summarizes it right there.

Questions for You

  1. What quality content have you found?
  2. Do you want another ebook in the future?
  3. Small caps or large caps?
  4. Kill the giveaways?

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