Good Reading for the Weekend

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Jae Jun

Excellent Reads Without the Noise

1. Portfolio Sizing and Management (PDF)

An old presentation from 2007 by Zeke Ashton of Centaur Capital Partners. Talks about what a good position size is and how to go about building one.

2. Outsized Profits with Freddie preferred stock

Derek Pilecki of Gator Capital discusses Freddie Preferred stock and other holdings in his Q1 letter.

3. Horizon Asset Management Q1 Commentary (PDF)

Fantastic commentary and viewpoint of market valuation.

4. The Motley Fool Investing Checklist

An exhaustive investing checklist. Good for reference, but not sure how you would use it.

5. Stock Valuation with the “H Model”

The “H-Model” was put forth in 1984 by Russell Fuller and Chi-Cheng Hsia in the Financial Analysts Journal, and it’s based on the principles of the dividend discount model (DDM), which states that the value of a stock is the present value of its future dividend payments, discounted at the company’s cost of equity.

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