The Most Popular Articles of 2013 and What Went On During the Year

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Many investing blogs have disappeared over the years.

Compared to 2-3 years ago, my blog reading list has been cut in half, and even the ones on  my list are not very active.

Seeking Alpha and social media platforms have made it easy for people to provide their opinions.

But to see the readership at old school value still going strong is something that I’m very proud of.

I’ve got you to thank for that.

Over the years, I’ve focused on providing the best possible value investing content to you and that is a pledge that I plan to keep going forward.

Now without further ado, here is a list of the 10 most popular articles from 2013.

The Top 10 Posts from 2013

1. Use the Benjamin Graham Investing Checklist to Invest Like Him

Graham had a checklist which he used against every company he looked at. If it passed, he bought some stock. See what the criteria of his checklist were.

2. 20 Balance Sheet Ratios to Quickly Determine a Company’s Health

A list of 20 balance sheet ratios that you need to know.

Also download the pdf version and keep it handy if you need a reminder once in a while.

3. The Practical Guide to Finding Stock Ideas

Everybody wants to know how to find stocks efficiently. Although finding stocks is a time consuming process, there are resources which you can leverage to speed up the search process.

4. The Evolution of Warren Buffett’s Career from 1936 to 2013

A timeline of Warren Buffett’s life from when he was a boy to now. Goes over what investments he made.

5. Does the Magic Formula Really Work?

The magic formula is well known in the value investing community, but how reliable are the results?

I was surprised by the results. Very different to my hypothesis.

6. 7 Low Risk Investments Strategies You Should Apply Today

A simple look at 7 characteristics to make low risk, high return investments.

7. You Missed Out on Visa and Mastercard. Then Keep an Eye on This One.

The only stock related article to make the top 10. If you bought it early on, congratulations, because it has been on a tear.

8. The 3 Most Profitable Criteria of the Piotroski Score that Beats the Market

There are 9 points in the Piotroski score.

I wanted to see whether it could be simplified with better results, and I came up with 3 of the 9 criteria which provides the best results.

Take a look at what it is.

9. The Importance of Learning How to Invest, Not What to Invest.

Everyone comes from a different background and has a special set of skills. Too often, we fall in the trap of trying to copy or simulate someone else.

However, when you look at the successful people, they don’t focus on what others are doing or try to copy them.

That’s where bringing your own experience and applying it to investing helps.

This post also includes about 30 things you can think of and apply to become a better investor.

10. Finally. Proof that Ben Graham Knew How to Time the Market.

Who knew that you could measure how overvalued a market is by counting the number of available net nets.

I won’t win a Nobel Prize for this research, but it does show that a simple measure like NCAV can be used to measure the market and even apply it as a market timing tactic.

What Went Down in 2013

During 2013, I placed a lot of focus on trying to create resources.

Some were hits.

There were duds too, which I won’t waste time on.

On top of that, 147 articles were published in 2013.

That’s about 3 posts a week with a focus on quality and timelessness over quantity.

I’m also proud to have achieved my 2013 goal of posts per week.

In 2014, I have a line of resources to create and ideas to put down on paper so keep coming back and let’s make 2014 a great year.

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