The 10 Most Popular Articles of 2014 Q1 and Market Charts

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First quarter down and 3 remaining.

Below are the top 10 articles that investors are reading. Interesting to see my mistakes post tops the list.

I’m always full of mistakes and shameful lessons so let me know if you want more 🙂

The 10 Most Popular Articles in Q1 of 2014

  1. 5 Common Investing Mistakes I Made that You Should Avoid
  2. My Best Investment Recommendation for 2014
  3. Special Situations Alert: Details Behind Why I Bought PATH
  4. A Value Manager’s Guide to Deep Value Investing
  5. Interactive Corp Idea, Portfolio Construction and Notes to Buffett’s 1977 Letter
  6. Special Situations Update: I Was Wrong on the NuPathe…
  7. The Most Popular Articles of 2013 and What Went On During the Year
  8. Don’t Assassinate Your Small Investor Advantage
  9. Coach is a Value Play. Target Price is $71. Stock Report Included.
  10. 3 Winning Small Stocks to Take You Through 2014

Market Charts – What Does it Mean?

The following images are from Bespoke Investment Group. If you know what they mean, let me know in the blog comments.

Dow Jones Chart

Dow Jones Chart – Last 6 Months

S&P500 Chart

S&P500 Chart – Last 6 Months

Nasdaq Chart

Nasdaq Chart – Last 6 Months

Russell 2000 Chart

Russell 2000 Chart – Last 6 Months

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