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At the top of the list of must read links is a new blog I am highly recommending to any student of investing.

If the author continues to post the stuff that he is putting up, I expect his following to increase quite rapidly.

Case Study Investing aka csinvesting

The valuation method taught on this site focuses on EPV.

Bridge & Buffett, Poker, and Investing

I’ve picked up playing poker recently and agree with many of the points made here. You should seriously learn to play. It will help you understand quickly your temperament, money management and analytical ability.

Sealed Air Case Study

You can’t get better than 10 pages of detailed notes and explanations on a valuation.

Video Lecture on Valuing Liz Claiborne

Video lecture as well as detailed explanations of valuing Liz Claiborne EPV style.

This should last you ALL weekend but just for good measure…

Other Links

John Paulson Q3 2011 Letter

Howard Marks – It’s all very taxing (PDF)

Bill Ackman Pershing Square Q3 2011 Letter (PDF)

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