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Jae Jun

Dacha Capital: A Discussion With Patrick Wong

My highest conviction pick of the year. Dacha Capital, a rare earth holding company. This interview goes over Dacha’s unique business model and approach.

Groupon: Comedy or Drama? (dead link)

Who does Groupon think they are fooling with their horrible financials?


Wild Things

Many people have profited and lost money by investing in commodities but what makes you think you can profit from the decade long commodity boom?

Gary Shilling’s Seven Faces Of Deflation

Gary Shilling puts forward his argument that deflation is already here.

Adrian Day’s Portfolio Review Q2 2011

I posted this up on Facebook and Google+ but if you missed it, Adrian Day is fast becoming my favorite portfolio manager. The guy has vast experience and knowledge in the commodities sector and I like his international picks.

Commentary on The Oakmark Funds

David Herro of Oakmark Funds offers his opinion on Greece.

Einhorn Greenlight Capital Letter Q2 2011

David Einhorn’s letter to shareholders. Talks about the economy, his buys and sells.

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