Prepare Yourself for When the Market Falls

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Jae Jun

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Clearly some jitters in the market so far this year.

If the market starts correcting and offers opportunities, are you ready?

I don’t mean 1% corrections, but 3-4% corrections in a day.

Are you ready?

Do you know what you want to buy?

Well, here are some quick learning articles and resources to help you get prepared.

More Resources Coming Your Way

I’ve been working on ways to provide you with more resources the past few months.

And I shared a teaser on Twitter and Facebook, so if you aren’t following or liking the facebook page, you’re missing out on quick tips and valuable stuff that I’m finding and sharing.

Well here’s the brand new page that I shared.

15 Best Websites for Stock Ideas

Hope you like it and find it useful.

A whole library of such resource pages are coming.

If you find any of these links and what I’m providing useful, please help out by sharing on social networks or forwarding the links to those who may be interested.

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