Quick Hit Reading List – Thoughts on Urbana and Listening to Howard Marks

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A short list of friendly links to read to keep you interested this weekend.

Urbana Corp: one year later

Ever question your decision to sell?

What do you do when the investment you sell rockets up 100% after you sell it?

Hindsight is always 20/20 so this post is a good way to reassess your thinking instead of kicking yourself.

Howard Marks on Europe and Current Markets

When was the last time you thought about investing in Europe?

There is still a sour taste when it comes to investing in Europe, but not for Howard Marks. His bet on Europe is accelerating.

On the other end, he says to be cautious.

I wrote a memo on February 2007 about “The Race To The Bottom.” Now the race is on again. Again, you can make risky loans again and risky borrowers can borrow today. It’s important to include caution in your investing today. It’s not a time for aggression.

250 posts and counting, lessons learned

One of the blogs I recommend reading is Oddball Stocks. I’ve recommended it in the Value Investors Best Investment Sites ebook.

Nate talks goes over what he learned from writing a blog and why I highly recommend everyone to write.

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