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F Wall Street was THE value investing blog that inspired old school value.

I owe a ton to F Wall Street and Joe Ponzio.

But it’s been over 3 years since F Wall Street went dark, which is a shame.

But I still visit it occasionally and browse the archives. In fact, I’ve read every single post on the site and about 90% of all the comments.

Of course I have the book too. A very good beginner to intermediate level book.

Can you tell I’m a F Wall Street fanboy? 🙂

Joe Ponzio has since moved on beyond investing which is a real shame.

So today, to remember F Wall Street, here are 3 articles you should read.

>> How to Start a Hedge Fund

If you are interested in starting a fund or wanted to know how, here’s a quick primer.

>> Questions and Concepts in Value Investing

A handful of questions related to capex, shareholders equity and other value investing topics answered.

>> Where to Look for Ideas in this Market

This one was from Oct 2008, but the market always rhymes. If you change the dates, you wouldn’t know it was written 6 years ago.

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