The Best Posts of November Roundup

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Catch up on investing articles worth reading this weekend. Below are the 5 most popular blog posts this last month.

1. 7 Holy Tips from Ben Graham for the Sinful Investor

7 financial advice by Ben Graham followed by a link from OSV on what investment books to read.

2. 12 Investment Guidelines for My Grandchildren

In this post, Jae denies having any grandchildren. Aside from that, he touched on the 12 investment Guidelines that Charles Ellis wrote for AAII.

3. What You Should Do When There is Nothing to Buy

When the market is seemingly holding steady, what should an investor do when there is nothing to buy? This post answers that question with answers from fellow investors.

4. 3 of the Most Overpriced Stocks with Real Downsides

If you want to invest like Buffett than you really should read this post so you can filter overpriced stocks.

5. DELL, HP and Microsoft’s Position in The Dying PC Industry and What They are Worth

Is the PC industry really dying? What are the effects of smartphones and tablets to the PC industry?

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