Three Important Analysis Lessons to Read

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These articles were written by me about 2-3 years ago which I don’t link to often, but offer valuable lessons that you can definitely take away. It’s easy reading, but not so easy that it will leave right away.

My objective is to leave you with meaningful content, each and every time.

4 Simple Lessons on Cost, Price, Margins

Numbers, accounting and financial statements can only tell you so much, but it’s being able to interpret, understand and having insight to a business that is extremely valuable in any stock analysis.


EPS Affected by Tax Rate Changes

Wall Street is infatuated with EPS. If a company beats their estimates, the stock price is pushed up higher despite the fact that earnings is so easily manipulated by different accounting methods and hiding and/or delaying expenses.

Taxes also play a big role in the final EPS.


Best 15 Investing Metrics and Ratios List

Here are the metrics and ratios that I refer to quite often in my stock analysis and stock valuations. It’s more than 15 since I grouped a few but who’s counting. I’ve also left out all but a few single line financial statement items such as inventory or long-term debt. You would be here all day if I included everything I looked at as the list would go on and on.


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