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Just a few links for you to enjoy this weekend.

Rainy and cool where I am. Refreshing to have the rain.

Winning (losing) by losing (winning): The power of expectations

Expectations and Outcomes

  • On September 27, 2012, Research in Motion came out with its earnings report, revealing that revenues dropped 31% and that it lost $235 million in the most recent quarter. Terrible news, right? The company’s stock jumped 18% on the news!!
  • A few weeks ago, Apple introduced its newest iPhone, selling more than 5 million iPhone 5s over the first weekend and setting itself on target to beat prior records for smart phones sold. The big story, though, was about a free Map app that Apple was offering with the iPhone, that was misbehaving. The company has lost almost $40 billion in market value in the last two weeks!!

Fall Edition of Graham and Doddsville (PDF)

The students of Columbia Business School have posted the Fall 2012 edition of Graham and Doddsville.

The new issue features CBS Professor Joel Greenblatt of Gotham Capital, Jim Tisch and Joe Rosenberg of Loews Corporation and Chuck Royce, Whitney George, Buzz Zaino and Charlie Dreifus of Royce & Associates.

Previous editions can be downloaded at this page.

UMS United Medical Systems (ETR:UMS) – Steady FCF Business Priced Below No-Growth Value

UMS United Medical (ETR:UMS) is a medical equipment service provider, focused on mobile service solutions – think “medical equipment on wheels”. Customers include hospitals, ambulatory service centers and physicians’ offices.

The company is broken out into three business segments, focused on different service areas: Urology (kidney stones), Gynecology (breast biopsy), and Other (namely Radiology services)

The most important division is Urology, which accounts for approx. 70% of revenues and 80% of operating profit:

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