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In case you missed some articles, here are the 10 most popular articles of 2009. I’m surprised to see the “How to Invest” series at no.1 and 2. I figured the spreadsheets would take top spot but it goes to show that there are lots of people who have an interest in investing.

I’m also preparing a session titled “Old School Value Investing Valuation Techniques & Beyond – A beginners guide to learning the art of stock valuation and analysis” for a one on one session with an individual so if you are fairly new to investing, don’t have the time to read all the recommended books but want to catch up and know more, contact me.

10 Most Popular Articles of 2009

1. How to Invest In the Stock Market-Getting Started

2. How to Invest In the Stock Market-Background

3. Benjamin Graham Formula Free Stock Valuation Spreadsheet

4. Warren Buffett’s Stock Portfolio

5. Free Discounted Cash Flow DCF Valuation Spreadsheet

6. Discounted Cash Flow & Stock Valuation

7. Cash Flow Statement Analysis: AERO

8. Fortune 40 Best Stocks to Retire on: Part 1

9. Forbes 200 Best Small Companies Project

10. Ben Graham Net Net Deep Value Stocks

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