Weekend Reading: Most Popular in the Last 30 Days

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For your weekend reading, here the top 5 articles from the past 30 days.

How to Value Stocks Like a Pro Using the Absolute PE Model

One method I use to value stocks is with the Absolute PE model created by Vitaliy Katsenelson, the author of Active Value Investing.

It’s a PE valuation method, but doesn’t rely on relative comparisons.

Sold PRLS. A Net Net that Worked Out in One Year

I exited PRLS with just under 20% gain in a year for this net net.

It wasn’t a huge gain, but the downside was very protected. A position that didn’t cause any worry throughout the holding period.

Now I received some comments and questions that PRLS is even more of a net net and in a better position to succeed.

But I find it difficult to believe that a net net will transform itself into a growth company so I’m out.

Also not an industry that I want to be in at the moment.

2 Big Fat Lies Value Investors Like to Tell Themselves

2 lies that I’ve found myself telling.

It’s not a white lie either.

Once it gets into a habit, it’s a very dangerous lie that can cripple your portfolio.

Find out what the 2 lies are.

5 Rules to Buy Quality Dividend Stocks over Deep Value Butts

A quick look at cheap value investing vs buying quality dividend stocks.

Guest author Ben Reynolds provides 5 rules he uses to filter for dividend stocks.

The Education of a Value Investor

The three books have been sent out to the winners.

I found it to be a very engaging and heartfelt read. It’s not going to change how to pick stocks, but it will help you think about the way to invest.

More relevant giveaway competitions coming up so stay tuned to that.

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