What You Missed in 2014. The 10 Most Popular Articles of 2014.

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103 articles.

That’s how many were published this year.

With so much information to go through daily, I knows it’s difficult to read blogs.

So if you haven’t read everything that I’ve sent out, I don’t blame you.

But you can catch up quickly with the 10 most popular articles of 2014.

(Mostly in chronological order)

A List of the Top Value Investing Blogs

I try to keep my reading as lean as possible.

I don’t subscribe to newspapers or journals anymore. I just prefer to read very objective and detailed things.

My preference has always been for “foot wide, mile deep” content and the following investing blogs will service you well with high quality stuff.

5 Common Investing Mistakes I Made that You Should Avoid

This is my confession from the start of the year. It was actually a review of the dumb things I had done in 2013.

There are a couple I failed again with this year, but I’m glad to say that I improved in some areas.

Being busy and away from the markets certainly helps with bad habits.

The other week, I met a friend and he mentioned that if I had still held my picks from 2009-2010, I would still have done very well.

And that got me thinking.

Despite my label as a value investor, I’m actually bad at holding and selling.

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Using Google Alerts as an Investment Tool

Free tools that work are the best and this is one of them that most people don’t know about.

Check out how I get Google to send me actionable investment tips that I’ve made money on this year, including this special situation.

The Intrinsic Value of AAPL and the Best Stock Valuation Ratios

The first article is obvious.

I still hold AAPL and despite the price being at its peak, there are still plenty of ways that I can see AAPL growing and pushing itself higher in the future.

The second article on the best stock valuation ratios are the numbers that I look at for every stock.

All very fundamentally sound numbers to cut out the noise from the facts.

Apply the Kelly Criterion to Investing and Your Portfolio Sizing

One of the easiest ways to lower risk is to buy the right amount of any stock.

This is a subjective matter as there is no clear formula, but the Kelly Criterion is a method that  you can apply to try and size your positions properly.

I’ve made some made mistakes which could have easily been small pimples on my performance chart, but because of some bad sizing decisions, they became big holes.

If you don’t think about position sizing when buying stocks, make sure you come up with a strategy for 2015.

My Analysis and Valuation of Whole Foods (WFM)

One of my big new positions this year was Whole Foods.

So far, it’s done well from my purchase point, but mostly everything went up during that time too.

One bad habit I had previously was being contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian.



Running an investment site, you tend to fall into the “prophet” motive, rather than the “profit” motive once a while.

But WFM was a very easy investment. It was just “contrarian” at the time simply because of the media and not because I was looking for hated stocks.

Stop Overpaying. Why Valuation Matters More than Ever

I consider valuation to be the art of fishing for value investors.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

No matter how much work  you put into finding and analyzing a stock, it eventually all boils down to one single point.


Although 2014 is another successful year for Mr Markets, there have been plenty of value traps and duds.

When you buy a house, they say it’s “location, location, location”.

When you buy a stock, it should be “valuation, valuation, valuation”.

20 Lessons the 2008 Crash Can Teach You About Investing

If you don’t have time to read any of the articles on this page, at least read this one.

It’s 20 short but always amazing lessons from Seth Klarman.

Buffett’s Concentration vs Graham’s Diversification

Looking at the difference in results between Buffett and the other masters including Graham.

Buffett is clearly an outlier in the history of investing, but it’s clear that he sticks to a strategy that works for him.

It’s an age old concentration vs diversification debate, but check it out.

15 Point Common Stock Checklist by the Father of Growth Investing

I completely rewrote this after many years to make it more relevant.

What makes investing so difficult is that there are sooooooo many things to look at.

Every company is unique, every situation is different, every investment has it’s own flavor.

So it’s very difficult to come up with a 10 step checklist to outsized returns.

The following checklist is no way complete but it’s very deep and difficult to go through.

Remember the inch wide, mile deep concept?

Happy New Year and a Prosperous Investing for 2015

So there you have it.

The 10 most popular articles written in 2014.

January is usually a crazy month.

  • Time for taxes
  • updating the results to all the stock screeners
  • fine tuning the strategies for next year where needed
  • review the goals I set for myself and plan for some new ones
  • and then writing about it all

Overall, 2014 wasn’t the breakthrough year that I was hoping for, but that just means I have next year to achieve it.

Nevertheless, there were plenty of small victories throughout the year and I find that being able to celebrate those is just as important as catching the big fish.

Aiming for those small daily victories is something I plan to continue working. It just really helps with focusing and productivity and doing the things that count.

It’s so easy to get upset or feel down on yourself when you feel like you aren’t crossing things off your todo list as fast as you want.

But that’s a never ending battle.

Celebrate those small victories in 2015.

This message is my win for the day 🙂

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