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All I can say is “phew”.

That’s because for more than 4 months, I’ve been planning, writing and designing and implementing a whole library of value investing pages that you can refer to.

And it’s finally ready and open for you to consume.

Currently 10 new pages of content that I hope you find resourceful.

Here’s what you get.

  1. The Practical Guide to Finding Stock Ideas
  2. Best Investment Books for Value Investors
  3. Free Stock Valuation Spreadsheets
  4. 15 Checkpoints in a Common Stock Checklist
  5. 7 Ways to Buy Low Risk High Return Stocks
  6. 52 Checkpoints for Finding Fraud
  7. 10 Slam Dunk Sites for Value Investing
  8. 8 Valuation Techniques to Value Any Stock
  9. The Guide to Pick Stocks like Warren Buffett
  10. 115 Profitable Investing Ideas courtesy of Greg Speicher
  11. The Ultimate Guide to Stock Valuation

You can see the pages directly from the old school value library page.

The Old School Value Resource Library Page

Which one is your favorite?

I’m looking for ideas of what else to create for the library.

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It is a stock grader, value screener, and valuation tools for the busy investor designed to help you pick stocks 4x faster.

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