2010 Coming to a Close and Big News for 2011

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas. I had a white one myself. White from all the painting I was doing 🙂

Great Way to Get Extra Help

Had to re-paint 2 bedrooms and a living room back to white in order to move out without paying any huge penalties. I was planning to do it myself, but seeing as how the wall color was a dark maroon, it required 3-4 coats which meant 3-4x extra time.

In the end, I calculated how much I thought my time was worth, calculated how much I could spend to hire some people and I ended up going to Home Depot and hired a couple of men wanting some work. For non US residents, Home Depot is a huge hardware warehouse in the USA.

To be honest I was worried about hiring complete strangers off the street, but like most people, they had an excellent work ethic and just wanted to work. Money well spent and time well saved.

I’m very much closer to getting back to my normal routines, but a few things remain on my agenda that will keep me occupied the rest of 2010 and BIG news for 2011 and beyond.

New Design, Spreadsheet Updates and Web Version Coming Soon

I’ve partnered up with friend who will be handling the design of this website. The current design is showing it’s age and I wanted to freshen things up. I could have gone the fancy, new age, web 2.0 design, but instead chose speed and performance.

While the new design may seem a bit bland, loading times will decrease dramatically, leading to a better experience. The new design will slowly be incorporated into the website from next year.

I’m also in the middle of working with some programmers on creating a web version of the stock value calculator. It won’t be as feature rich as the spreadsheets because programming costs 10x as much time and money but I hope to continually build this up.

The web app, when available, will be made available as a monthly subscription service while the stock valuation spreadsheet will remain as a one time fixed cost.

A lot of time and money is being invested to come up with new ideas and features, but I’m certain that it will benefit everyone.

(Pssst. Go buy the spreadsheets now before price goes up on Saturday to reflect its intrinsic value.)

Lastly, the 2011 valuation spreadsheet version will be released soon.

I’ve included a stock tracker, financial statements in % form, improved the formulas of the spreadsheet to make it more robust and created a separate watchlist spreadsheet based off Yahoo that will grab basic stock information for a list of stocks in less than 3 seconds. A perfect way to keep your watchlist handy for the next rainy day.

Here’s a screenshot of the watchlist so far.

My Big News for 2011

Personally, this is very big news because I’ve given this weeks and weeks of thought and have spoken with numerous people regarding the matter.

Here it is. In the coming year, I’ll be taking an exam to become a Registered Investment Advisor in order to manage money. From discussions with a lot of investors, it seems like managing money is something that people would jump at the opportunity to do.

After countless discussions of the pros, cons and risks with my wife, friends, my mentor as well as receiving encouragement from fellow investors I highly respect, I’ve come to the decision that now is a great time to start. Thank you for your encouragement as well. I’m another step closer to quitting my day job in order to do what I love doing.

In a way, it’s actually going to be an extension of Old School Value, where you can now invest alongside me. I’ll be investing with my own money (not much at the moment… lol ) but I’ll provide more details as things progress. But the way things look, 2011 looks to be another exciting year. Life is just grand 🙂

China MediaExpress Holdings

For now, go read the forum discussion regarding CCME.

My latest purchase I revealed recently.

On the surface, it looks yuck, but that’s because the details are fairly complicated. Dilution is a worry for most, but if you read the filings, you can see why. I’m not saying that it is good to dilute in such a manner, but there is a reason, and the ultimate investment decision is left up to you.

Happy New Year. Thanks for a wonderful 2010.

I’ll be back for a recap of 2010 as well as performance results and screen results.

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