I Quit My Job. I’m All in Old School Value.

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Jae Jun

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It’s both at the moment.

After a brief 10 year corporate career, I’m calling it quits.

It’s taken three painstaking years to get my wife on board with the idea of pursuing old school value full time and working to grow this into a much bigger value investing resource.

Old School Value was mostly done during late nights until the early morning for the past several years.

My regular schedule over the years was

  • go to work from 9-7
  • come home
  • spend about 1-2 hours with my wife and on other commitments
  • spend the next 4-6 hours until 2-3am getting things done

But I’m a firm believer that everything has it’s timing.

Looking back, I was pushing it 3 years ago and it’s obviously better to have a wife fully supportive of the idea.

Coming from a very traditional family where my expected life progression was school -> stable job -> family -> retirement, I can’t believe that I’m now in a position to work on something I love full time.

I have no idea how things will look in one or two years.

But I do know that old school value will be a better place and resource for you to hang out and grab information.

More time will be dedicated to writing articles and looking at stocks again.

Old School Value is also a very singular product. The OSV Analyzer serves a single clear purpose but it can definitely be better and I have a lot of ideas in my head that I need to organize to bring to fruition.

I’m just floored to have such great users and fans of the product.

But it’s time to take the next step of dreaming bigger and making it happen.

So Why Old School Value?

I started old school value purely as a blog one year after I joined my current job at Samsung. With a 401k, I wanted to invest it properly myself after having experienced my first 100% loss to a bad financial advisor.

With old school value, the purpose was to simply keep it real and document what I was learning so that;

  1. I didn’t have to relearn everything
  2. and to document my progress

Looking back at my first year as a blogger, it feels like looking at a photo of myself 10 years back and shuddering at my hairstyle and dress sense.

It’s a day and night difference to when old school value first started.

Had I not made the move to the US, this would never have happened.

That’s why I love the United States because it truly is the land of opportunity. I’m still a Korean + Aussie at heart, but USA is my sweet home.

Having come at the age of 23 with no family, friends or money, if it was any other country, I doubt old school value can be where it’s at.

It’s humbling to know that OSV is now helping to stimulate the economy thanks to people like you.

Giving Back and Watching it Happen

One of the great joys has also been being able to give back.

If you look at the bottom of every page, you can see our motto.

Love God and love people (actually I stole it from my beloved church).

Old School Value supports a Christian child sponsorship program called Compassion International.

It’s a top rated charity and it’s a pleasure to watch the money be put into good use.

Being able to support less privileged people puts my life into perspective and it’s a mega blessing

On my 2nd wedding anniversary back in 2010 (wow it’s been 4 years already), my wife and I decided to visit first hand the children that we sponsor in Columbia.

Sipping on a Coconut in a Shack Home

We’ve always sent letters to the children, but to see how $40 a month, an amount that doesn’t change our lives, can make such a big impact really stabbed at my heart.

And since then, old school value has dedicated resources into sending support to various charities, local projects and individuals in need.

There really is nothing more fulfilling than knowing and watching your hard earned money be put into good use.

Old School Value doesn’t make millions of dollars (yet lol), but percentage wise, when all costs are added up the giving is between 12-17% of revenues.

Consider that corporate contributions to charity was a pathetic 0.8% in 2012.

I pray that this side of old school value continues to flourish.

Top 5 Greatest Hits of Old School Value

With 736 posts published, there are a lot of really good articles lost in the archives, but these are the top 5 most popular articles as of now.

1) The Best Free Stock Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet using Google Drive

2) Changes in Working Capital in Free Cash Flow

3) 20 Balance Sheet Ratios for Businesses and to Determine a Company’s Health

4) FIFO LIFO Inventory Valuation Method

5) Does the Magic Formula Really Work?

The New Beginning

Thanks for reading this far and again for visiting and being a part of old school value.

A new beginning awaits and I can’t contain my excitement at the things to come.

To celebrate this milestone leap, my wife planned a mini trip to lovely Winthrop, WA.

I am now Tap Dancing to Work.

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55 responses to “I Quit My Job. I’m All in Old School Value.”

  1. Good luck, Jae Jun! Very excited for you and wish you the best taking OSV over full time.

  2. K2 says:

    Good luck! This is one of the best investing websites! I can’t believe you have so many ideas to improve it.

  3. blackfriar2 says:

    All the best!! It’s a bold move and I m very sure you’ll do well in something you really love.

  4. Madhu says:

    Good luck, Jae!

  5. Lanber Dañas says:

    I’m really happy for you, Jae. Enjoy your celebration.

  6. Karthik says:

    Wow. Great and Bold Move. Wish you all success.

  7. Fletcher says:

    I’m thankful I stumbled across your website three years ago. I’ve been a subscriber ever since. Thanks for all your hard work. You are making a lot of people’s lives easier and better!

  8. Ian Cassel says:

    Congrats Jae! You now have your freedom.

  9. alphagen says:

    Congrats! Wishes of success headed your way. 🙂

  10. Thanks Ian. Now if only I can get to your level =)

  11. And that’s why i can confidently day that I have the best users =)

  12. Couldn’t have done it without you Lanber

  13. I get why people say that you should do what you love. I’m just a lucky guy.

  14. Thanks a lot Zach. I need to follow in the footsteps of people like yourself.

  15. haigiao says:

    Congrat, man. You will be successful, I’m sure

  16. Fellow tap dancer says:

    Good move!

  17. Lori Robinson says:

    Good for you. The timing may be perfect with the market due for a correction.

  18. Renaud M says:

    Congratulations Jae! I admire your tenacity to make your site a better place for investors, it is not easy to quit a job given the shaky economy but hey, we only live once so we need to pursue our dreams, I am confident you made the right choice!

  19. that’s kind but I really respect what you do and what you’re all about. Can I get you on my podcast, maybe help get the word out?

  20. Ezra Crangle says:

    Congrats Jae! Keep working in your baby OSV. Remember: a company it’s like a human baby and needs the cares of the father-entrepreneur 😉

  21. jojo says:

    Congrats Jae, on your courageous move. I believe you will be successful, going by your track record all these years. I did think to myself before, that you could go fulltime with OSV, and you finally did.
    Ahem, now that you are fully focused on OSV, may I ask for …. more case studies? 🙂

  22. RickROIC says:

    Congratulations Jae! The secret of value investing success has always been establishing the right framework, and the right discipline. As someone who was fortunate to recognize the discipline of Old School Value pretty much from inception, your service has allowed me to template out many investment ideas both to embrace, and even more importantly, to reject. The very best career decisions in life tend to be perceived as being risky by others, but you will know in your heart how good this decision is for you. You are not only a gifted developer and investor but more importantly, a decent and caring person. Wishing you continued success!

  23. Spencer Reitz says:


    Glad you are now tap dancing to work…

    Keep up the good work as your Old School Value product, site, and resources are such a blessing to us small value investors!



  24. George says:

    Congrats! I hope that one day I’ll also be able to go all in on my online business.

  25. paffius says:

    I wish you the best. Quite sure this new stage will be a success.

  26. Chris Khoo says:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

  27. Congrats Jae, Wish you Success in future, I have been reading your blog for about a year now and the simplicity in the blog is really inspiring and I have learned a lot from the blog and will continue to do so, Keep up the good work.
    Enjoy 🙂

  28. I’d be crazy to turn down exposure =) I would love to. If we can set up a time that would be awesome.
    I’m currently on a mini celebration trip (writing comments while my wife is taking a nap) but I will be able to answer calls and email on Monday again.

  29. It is my pleasure Pardeep.

  30. I believe you’ve got the platform and the know how already George. I’m sure it will be sooner than you think.

  31. Thanks for the kind words Spencer

  32. Your making me blush here. But thanks for sticking around while I was still wet behind the ears with old school value.

  33. There will be more and I will start hosting webinars to go through user questions too and show you all the different ways you can utilize the analyzer.
    thanks for your business all this time jojo.

  34. If thatit’s the case, I will love being a stay at home dad 😉

  35. Thanks for your continued help Renaud. If the economy tanks I’m sure investment related businesses will take a hit but then it will be time to also go all in on the markets and really put my money into what I’ve been writing about.

  36. Very real opportunity. Thanks Lori.

  37. I’d love to see your tap dancing moves 🙂

  38. Thanks a lot. Hope to not let anyone down.

  39. Jae,

    Congratulations!! You made the decision to work +100 hours a
    week to leave a secure 40 hour a week job. Only joking..

    Jae, this is my honest opinion… you
    are the real deal! not just with your investing work but doing what you can to
    give back.

    My blog is free and will remain free for reasons
    outside of my control. I make this comment only to make clear I have no agenda. Having said that, I will do what I can to support your effort. I doubt you need any help but if you need extra research/content I’m glad to help. I’m deep value like my blog, I work for free.

    Good Luck


  40. Joyanta says:

    Best of luck.

  41. Mark High says:

    So, so happy for you, your family and for OSV. Looking forward to seeing the ideas that are still inside your head! 🙂 I agree with earlier post, I believe you are the real deal.
    Church webpage looks like it’s a special place. The community I help lead has a similar old quote that captures our hearts & vision – “Love God, Love Others, everything else is details”.
    My wife and I also contribute through Compassion and have been blessed. I look forward to seeing the charitable side of OSV grow and the stories it generates.
    Personally, thank you for helping me think and act more concretely as a value investor and less and less as a ‘day trader’. I look forward to every OSV ping in my inbox.
    Blessings my friend…Mark

  42. Thanks John
    I will take you up on that offer for sure.

  43. Good to see you around Joyanta. Haven’t heard from you for a while.

  44. Thanks a lot for the kind words Mark. I really couldn’t have done this without prayer from my church family too. Never really a one man show. I’m just lucky to have great support.

  45. Great!
    You know where to find me. lurking in the
    shadows of Wall Street. Sorry that sophomoric humor.

    [email protected]

  46. Michael Wang says:

    Best of luck Jun! Old School Value is one of the best website on investing out there!

  47. Jordi says:

    Congrats! I’m happy for you and look forward to seeing your new ideas implemented.

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