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With so much going on in the markets, I want to take some time to provide an update for regular readers about Old School Value’s mission and bring the new readers up to speed in case you don’t know what old school value is actively involved in.

While I do make money selling spreadsheets, what I enjoy more is using the proceeds to sponsor less privileged children from all over the world.

In case you are not familiar with sponsoring children, it is where you provide a monthly payment to help pay for the expenses that go into helping a child in their home country.

I don’t adopt or foster any of these children. The people who adopt and raise foster families are the true unsung heroes. Their heart is 100x bigger than mine.

But it’s magical to be able to build a relationship with these children at a young age, send letters and photos back and forth and witness each child grow up.

I do this via Compassion International. A top notch and very well run charity where I know for sure that the money I donate is actually going into the children and programs to provide them with good facilities, education and food.

Charity Navigator shows how well run Compassion International is.

I saw this first hand when I visited Colombia to visit three children I sponsor.

It sure was a life changing experience and I’m hoping I can go to India next year or so to visit a couple of Indian children I sponsor.

Since this is a mission that I share publicly, it’s only right that you see the fruits of your support. However, I won’t write about it too often because the last thing I want to do is use my mission as some form of marketing campaign.

As of now,you’ve helped us sponsor seven children. Going left to right:

  • [Colombia] Kelly: Age 6
  • [Bolivia] Bladimir: Age 6
  • [Kenya] Monicah: Age 6
  • [Colombia] Elifeleth: Age 8
  • [India] Birendra: Age 9
  • [India] Selima: Age 14
  • [Colombia] William: Age 17

My wife and I are Christians and our focus is to love God and love people. We are proud supporters of Compassion and are grateful to be sponsoring 7 children. We are just two ordinary people and understand that we cannot change the world. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Call me crazy, but our dream is to one day sponsor 1,000 children around the world. Thank you for helping us achieve this one child at a time.

You can read more about our mission.

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