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Last time, I went over the performance for Old School Value and the various strategies I cover.

2015 results were bad across the board, so I’m looking forward to see how 2016 turns out after this horrid start to the year.

Now, if you are always short on time or ideas, I’ve compiled the top 10 of each strategy into a neat spreadsheet.

The under-performing screeners have been excluded as they are on the way out.

There’s plenty of data points for you to filter down and hopefully you’ll be able to get a few good ideas from the list.

Free Download of 100 Value Stocks for 2016

To download the spreadsheet, all you have to do is share it by using any of the methods below.


Compiling, organizing and then publishing data takes a lot of work so it’s a free exchange for the spreadsheet.

For readers via email or RSS, click this link to get the list of stocks from the blog.

100 Ways to Find Investment Ideas

For new investors, Mariusz from Classic Value Investors has published a book going over 100 ways you can find investment ideas.

I’ve done something with my best investment sites magazine (a little outdated) as well as providing a list of good sites for ideas, but Mariusz provides a lot more detail and up to date list of sites and resources on ways to get ideas.

For the experienced investors, you’ll likely know most of the sources cited already, so it’s more of a shortcut for beginners who want to hit the ground running.

Disclosure: old school value is mentioned, but I am not receiving any compensation for affiliated with Mariusz.

Good Luck in 2016

Although it’s been a tough start to the year, good luck and I hope you find some killer deals in the list of stocks.

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It is a stock grader, value screener, and valuation tools for the busy investor designed to help you pick stocks 4x faster.

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