“I can do in 30 seconds what used to take me about an hour…” – J. Noble

They Laughed at My Analysis… Until I Showed Them in 30 Seconds

I was laughed at and ridiculed by professionals and amateurs alike on internet sites such as SeekingAlpha.com and The Motley Fool for my analysis and stock picks.

Even my wife didn’t believe I could invest on my own without the experience of a “pro” on Wall Street.

That was until I showed them the stock analysis spreadsheets and what could be done in only 30 seconds.

Essentially, the stock valuation software is equivalent to a personal full time stock analyst working for you, except you can have your own for the equivalent of only $11 a month.

How would You like a Full Time Stock Analyst, Working for You?

Imagine yourself sitting at your desk with multiple internet browsers open and scanning different websites for information and numbers. You have a calculator nearby and you tap the numbers quickly to calculate ratios.


You just made a mistake with a number. Time to start all over again.

Now take a moment and imagine typing in just the stock ticker. While you sit back and relax, all the financial statements and numbers for your company populates the screen right in front of your eyes. The only work you do is confirming the numbers are correct and making some slight adjustments with a few clicks of your mouse.

It’s just like a full time stock analyst valuing companies for you.

Do You Value Your Time to be Worth Less than a Pack of Gum?

Even if you research stocks just 1 hr a day, 5 times a week, that’s already 5 hours of work a week.

If you are serious about investing, you will be doing this most of the year and your total stock picking hours would easily come out to more than 50 hours a year.

50 hours is the equivalent of driving from Los Angeles to New York.

Quite a big time investment. So why not make it more efficient?

For only 37c a day, you get to own this stock analysis tool with a FULL 1 Month money back guarantee.

You can’t even buy a pack of gum with 37c nowadays. You most likely drop more coins into the supermarket donations.

By not taking advantage of this limited offer until Thursday, is it really worth trying to save 37c per day?

The stock analyzer pays for itself the minute you use it.


Price will go up to $197 on Thursday. Act now to beat the price increase.

The Power of How 30 Seconds can Improve Your Life

Think of how much time you will save when you can start analyzing the company in 30 seconds. Taking less time to analyze stocks means you can find more opportunities.

With more time you can also spend time with family, being alone, traveling or playing an extra round of golf.

Over 1,000 happy and satisfied customers find they save several hours each time they use it.

Wouldn’t you want to save time with a very easy to use spreadsheet that crunches all the numbers for you?

Get this stock valuation spreadsheet for these benefits

  • Type in One ticker to start the calculation
  • save hundreds of hours when analyzing companies
  • 30 seconds to calculate the intrinsic value of a company (will vary depending on your computer and internet speed)
  • learn and improve your analysis skills
  • find more investment opportunities
  • take control of your own investments

You too can join 1,024 happy and satisfied customers.

Price will go up to $197 on Thursday. Act now to beat the price increase.

Check out the samples before you buy.

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The Simplest Way to Becoming Your Own Fund Manager

Most mutual funds can’t even beat the index. With the help provided by my intrinsic value spreadsheets, you can perform the same systematic approach as fund managers, but you don’t have to pay those outrageous fees that eat away your profits. You keep the profits.

You no longer have to rely on friends for stock ideas. You can now provide them with concrete stock picks.

Take control and become your own fund manager today.

The Secret to Investing Success in 30 Seconds

Famous investors are famous for one reason – the amount of work they put in.

This is the common theme among all successful investors. The stock valuation tools is the easiest way to take you towards this path of credibility and investing model.

Instead of wasting time going from website to website looking up PE’s and other ratios, the spreadsheet crunches the numbers for you so that you can be like Warren Buffett and learn about the company and the business.

You run the software from any Windows computer and only ONE input is required – the stock ticker.

Everything else is then calculated automatically. You won’t find any other user friendlier investment tool.


A Full Investment Course on Stock Valuation in 1 Package

Happy customers describe the tools as the “most comprehensive value computation spreadsheet” and that “there is no other value investing analytical tool like it”.

The spreadsheet has everything to show you how to how to perform

Discounted Cash Flow valuation- focusing on Free Cash Flow and owner earnings to determine how much the future expected cash flow from the company is worth today.

Benjamin Graham’s asset valuation – focuses on the balance sheet to protect the downside of your investments and very useful for special situations.

Benjamin Graham’s formula – methodological in using Earnings Per Share to determine the intrinsic value.

Earnings Power Value – focuses on the income statement to calculate the current worth of the company excluding all growth aspects.

and MORE

    1 FULL Month Money Back Guaranteed Offer


    If you are unsatisfied with your purchase at any time during 30 Days, I will gladly pay you back.

    This is how much I believe the tools will help your life.

    You are far too valuable for me to fight with you over money.


    See What Fellow Customers are saying

    This is just a sample of what fellow investors have to say about the valuation tools.

    “A wonderful timesaver!”

    A wonderful timesaver! What used to take me 4-5 hours to download, enter into my earnings power spreadsheet and analyze now takes me 30 minutes. A true bargain! – Ross

    “Excellent spreadsheet and very valuable”

    This is an excellent spreadsheet and very valuable for a value investor like myself. I had been working with similar data from ValueLine at a cost of over $1100 per year, so this is a welcome piece of software. Thanks for creating it. – Paul

    “I like your software the most”

    I have had a lot of other software, like Stock Investor Pro from AAII. Up til now I like your software the most. Retrieving data is the solution.

    Thanks for your effort and in providing this beautiful software to the world. – Anthony from The Netherlands

    “Price he currently offers it at is far below it’s real intrinsic value!”

    Once again, Jae has done it again. This update rocks! For those of you who still haven’t purchased it, remember, you’re leaving tons of money on the table when you could be shooting fish in a barrel with this awesome tool. He’s a value guy who clearly delivered us a value tool at a value price. The price he currently offers it at is far below it’s real intrinsic value! Ernie

    “Most comprehensive value computation spreadsheet”

    Jae’s Old School Value spreadsheet is the most comprehensive value computation spreadsheet I have ever seen. I love the focus on FCF, and the automation to pull the stock data directly from the internet. – Brian

    Imagine the Possibilities with the Spreadsheet Replicas

    These are actual outputs of the spreadsheet. Click each link to view exactly what you will be receiving.

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    [table id=8 /]

    You’ll Save Loads of Money Compared to the Competition

    Best Value for Money – worth over $300.

      Other valuation spreadsheets give you a bare-bones skeleton that makes no sense. It doesn’t make it any easier.

      Other spreadsheets require you to have extensive knowledge and expect you to manually find and enter numbers into their model before getting a result.

      The Old School Value stock valuation tools calculate a starting number for you right away and then you can simply adjust the numbers by clicking on a few buttons.

      For the same level of tools, functionality and value you will receive with the purchase, expect to pay more than $300 anywhere else.

      Best Free Support – Always

        I take pride in helping you. As a one man shop, my duty is to make certain that you are taken care of and you receive all the help you need.

        “Also, thanks for the support. I have had a lot of questions and you have been quick to reply and answer and you have been super as far as helping in the download process. I highly recommend this spreadsheet.” – Larry

        Such testimonials is what I take pride in and always strive for.

        Free Upgrades for One Year Included

          Unlike other places where you are expected to pay for upgraded software, you pay absolutely nothing with the Old School Value package.

          Your one time payment guarantees you the right to receive upgrades for 1 full year.

          After one year, the tools are still yours to use forever. No subscriptions, no additional payment, no expiration.

          Compare the value you are receiving as opposed to the bigger competition.

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          The Easiest Way to Value Companies


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          [table id=9 /]

          Pick Winning Stocks and Fatten Your Portfolio