Financial Statement Analysis Spreadsheet Tool

There is a new addition to the suite of investment tools offered here at Old School Value.

By using the SMF Add-In, the new financial statement analysis spreadsheet retrieves 10 years of annual financial statements and 20 previous quarterly financial statements from ADVFN. Morningstar has a good database, which is what I still  use in the intrinsic value spreadsheets, but this new one is very detailed.

You can now see things like how much raw materials make up inventory, the full list of items that affect Cash from Operations, the price of acquisitions and a host of financial ratios.

The free financial statement spreadsheet is simply a raw file which just retrieves the data. There is no formatting. It contains the past 6 annual statements and 7 quarterly statements.

The best dcf spreadsheet version is fully formatted and edited. 5885 individual cells had to be hand edited in order to get it working. Total time spent working on this amount to approx 30 hours as I am not much of a programmer and  had to do things the hard way.

There are no graphs at this point as I feel that graphs take the focus away from other numbers and trends that are just as important. However, should I decide to do more with it, I will provide free updates to buyers.

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Trouble Shooting Notes

  • To improve loading time, the financial statement spreadsheets does not perform any calculation when loaded. To start the calculation, press F9.
  • Does not support financial companies
  • All other troubleshooting solutions remain the same which you can find from this PDF.


Please read the guide and FAQ section. To date, I’ve been spending hours helping people with simple excel issues on a free product rather than anything spreadsheet related.

So for all excel and install problems, place all questions in the comment sections below. That way I won’t have to answer the same question again and again.

Download Section

Download the free financial statement analysis spreadsheet.

Download PDF of the Premium Version. MSFT example.

Go here for a cheap premium version. (Save yourself 60 hours of labor).

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