Best Investment Ideas for 2013 by Crowd Investing

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The Best Investment Ideas for 2013

Around this time last year, I created a page where you could enter a brief stock pick which was then voted by the people on this value investing blog.

For lack of a better term, I’m calling it crowd investing because it is a lot like crowd fundingKickstarter is an example of crowd funding.

The idea was to see whether the most popular stock picks using this crowd investing method could beat the market.

2012 started off very strong but dropped and the best stocks of 2012 is now tracking the market closely. Let’s see how strong it can finish.

I’ll provide the full results for the 2012 portfolio at the end of the year as well as some thoughts on how the 2013 will be improved.

But now that 2013 is around the corner, let’s get together and see what ideas we can come up with to try and beat the market.

I’ve gone ahead and started.

Here is my submission for Dolby (DLB).

DLB: company has done very well into the mobile space. Only 1-2 years ago, DLB penetration in mobile was 5%. Latest results show 15%. Very solid high margin business. Too cheap at $30. Target of $45.

Go submit a stock pick and reasoning now for the best stocks of 2013.

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