Portfolio Update June 2009

I have been hesitant to post up my portfolio performance because I didn’t want to give the impression or idea that I was recommending positions. But this site was first created to keep track and document how I analyze and deal with my investments. This also includes the area of performance.

As I shared previously on my background to investing in the markets, I started investing at the peak of the market with nowhere else to go but down. So I am pleased to say that I am finally above water from an absolute basis.

My overall goal of investing is to never finish with with an absolute loss. I’m not as concerned with annualized percentages as it doesn’t reflect the money in my account. This is where Seth Klarman’s discussion on absolute performance makes a lot of sense. You can read it in his book Margin of Safety.

Since this is the first time I’m making public my performance, the layout and structure is primitive which I’ll improve later on.

Stock Portfolio Performance

Portfolio Ending June 30, 2009


In the month of June, there was a big run up mainly from VVTV which resulted in the outperformance. I’m waiting for VVTV to become my first 10 bagger.

Overall, I’m satisfied that the effort I put into discovering and analyzing companies is paying off. Considering my first year was under very difficult conditions, a positive absolute gain in my portfolio while the overall market and funds are down is a confidence boost.

We’ll see what July brings and I’ll have an update at the end of the month.


I hold VVTV at the time of writing.

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