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8 years ago, I started writing here at old school value.

But every year brings a whole new plate of first’s.

  • First time launching a web version of the good ol’ Old School Value stock analyzer.
  • First time managing, working and growing with a tight knit team spread across multiple countries and time zones.
  • First time my writing pace has dropped on the blog to 3-4 articles a month.
  • First time visiting Kenya and witnessing the good being done and knowing that money donated via old school value is being spent wisely and responsibly.
  • First time witnessing the OSV Action Stocks in action.

8 years in, we are still going strong and aiming to get stronger and better.

I’ll continue to focus on quality over quantity and sharing content to educate and support the small investors.

A lot of time this year was spent on development (and last year).

2 years ago, I quit my job and went all in with Old School Value with the sole purpose of launching a web version of the OSV Analyzer and a much needed website re-design.

This year was the year.


The web app since May is going strong with additions and improvements constantly being released in the background.

Best of all, OSV Insiders are saving a ton of time by letting the app do all the hard work and making money in the process by focusing on solid companies as the starting point of their research.

(but there are people who lost money and quit within 30 days too..)

There were many rough and dry patches over the year, but the ride has been worth it for sure.

I’m totally in it for the long haul.

Now before I start to reminisce too far back and get off track, here’s a list of the 10 most read articles of 2016.

10 Most Read Articles in 2016

  1. 20 Balance Sheet Ratios to Determine a Company’s Health
  2. The Best Free Stock Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet using Google Drive
  3. Changes in Working Capital and Owner Earnings – The Complete Guide
  4. 7 Cash Flow Ratios Every Value Investor Should Know
  5. Does the Magic Formula Really Work?
  6. A Simple Explanation to Investment Discount Rates
  7. 60 of My Favorite Value Investing Resources You’d Be Crazy to Miss
  8. How to Calculate Maintenance Capital Expenditure
  9. Uncovering How Buffett Interprets the Financial Statements
  10. How to Value Stocks using DCF

What to Expect in 2017

2017 is going to start off with a bang.

After months of development, the OSV screener will be launched in Jan.

Current insiders will get access immediately.

First dibs for PRO Insiders to use it and prepare for the 2017 strategy.

Here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been testing and playing around with lately 🙂


(get hundreds of deep and specific data)


(create custom screens and see results via multiple lenses)

With OSV Online, it’s all about making it customizable to your needs and making it easy to interpret data for you to make better decisions.

Continuing the VIP Email System

2017 will continue to see special VIP emails going out.

At first, I created this VIP email list as a way to separate the eager and interested people with the people who preferred infrequent emails.

Based on the results so far, the VIP list has continued to grow steadily (well slowly but consistently :D) as more people are collecting email points to add themselves to the VIP list.

And because I know that genuinely interested people are signing up and reading, I can go into detail without fear of drowning the newer or busy investors with information.

Thanks again for a wonderful 2016 and have a safe, happy and wealthy new year.


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It is a stock grader, value screener, and valuation tools for the busy investor designed to help you pick stocks 4x faster.

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