Old School Curated Links and News (June 26th Edition)

Announcing a New Live Case Study – “Invest1000”

A common question I get from visitors or member is whether I provide stock picks.

The quick answer is no.

But a new member last week told me he was going to invest $1,000 using Old School Value and the Action Score and wanted to see if I was interested in seeing how it went.

*Ding Ding Ding*

I thought it would be a super idea to do a live case study with real money. Somebody who is putting up their own capital makes this even more real.

I’m calling this case study “Invest1000“.

Get it? “Invest $1000” My ingenuity cannot be hidden. 😁

The goal is to get this rolling and start sharing the process next week. The OSV member is keen to start building his portfolio.

This way, you get a behind the scenes guide of the entire thing – from start to finish.

If this is of interest to you, make sure you have enough email points to be on the VIP mailing list.

I’ll be posting on the blog the details of the Invest1000 project, who the OSV member is, notes, videos and assignments. VIP email readers get the updates and notifications quickest.

You need 45 points to be on the VIP list. Click a link to get a point, reply to any email and you get 5 points.

This will be a super informative, practical and interesting project to see where the $1000 is invested and how it grows. And I’m inviting you to join in the journey.

Check back next week for the introduction to who the OSV member is and how this will unfold.

On to the articles.

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