Old School Value Nugget Fest (Feb 14th Edition)

Did you manage to snap up anything these past couple of weeks?

I wouldn’t call a 10% drop from the peak of peaks, a correction. More like blip in the road at the moment. YTD, the S&P is only -0.2% for the year.

Headlines give out fake news of “biggest drops in history”, but as a percentage basis, it’s nowhere near the biggest.

The past 2 weeks also revealed a lot about the majority of market participants.

What was I doing?
  1. Always working on improving old school value (the portfolio is continually getting improvements)
  2. Screening and searching for new and better stock ideas
  3. Making a short list of the stocks I would love to buy for the long run
  4. Business was making money each day even when the market was going down
  5. Ignoring all main street media

With that, let’s move on.

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What We’re Reading in the Media

Hello, volatility, welcome back to the market
Sound advice of what people should be doing in volatile or down markets. Basically, don’t believe headlines. Their goal is to get eyeballs to increase their own revenue. Today’s drops are nothing compared to Black Friday in 1987 where the Dow “only” dropped 508 points. Oh, that was actually a 22.6% decline. 😲

Unpacking Amazon.com and its Prime economy
I’m always up for a good article or information on Amazon. It’s a business I love to learn about. This one is chock full of detailed charts showing the historical growth and business aspects. As they continue to roll out their Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) and expand to compete and undercut UPS and FedEx, they continue to find ways to validate why their valuation isn’t far fetched. And yes, I just said it. Their valuation is expensive, but not as crazy as I once thought.

Warren Buffett’s 1987 Letter: Early Fears About Index Futures
When the party is in full swing, the financial markets are always coming up with creative new products. One example is the S&P 500 VIX Inverse ETN (Exchange Traded Notes). It’s times like these when Warren Buffett is labeled “out of date” and boring, but Buffett has always been ahead of the curve. In 1982 Buffett expressed his concerns over trading index futures and 35 years later, we get a clear visual to what he predicted. One thing I know for sure is, never bet against Buffett.

To learn a lot about the XIV ETN in one sitting, read the last link.

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