Old School Value Nugget Fest (Feb 28th Edition)

Early in the year, I asked people what type of content they wanted to read from OSV. I’ve been getting back to my roots of writing more stuff again so I hope it’s the type of stuff you’ve been looking for!

For members, looks like there are still a lot of features and functions you didn’t know about, so these articles should also help with showing how to use it.

Old School Value Articles You May Have Missed

What We’re Reading in the Media

Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of ‘Disruption’

Interesting take of Airbnb and how it affected the market. If you compare Airbnb with other tech startups, the trend is very similar across the board. Yes they will and have disrupted the market, but so far, it been for the better but hasn’t annihilated the existing stalwarts like what many pundits expected.

One point I would make about real estate pricing related to Airbnb is that the company is certainly having an effect on prices. The article says otherwise and I’m just one opinion, but when I went to Washington DC a couple of years back, there was one particular Uber driver who was more than eager to share with me his plans of buying properties and listing it up on Airbnb exclusively. After having seen his friend’s rental business take off with near 100% utilization all year round and more condo purchases, he wanted in on the pie. 

Your Portfolio: Maintaining Perspective

Taking you back 10 years to 2008. This article puts into perspective how you should look at your portfolio. A reality check. With the fed wanting to raise interest rates, it’s causing jitters in the market as the big money makers don’t like the idea of taking their medicine.

If you looked at the market on Jan 1 and then today at the end of Feb, it has done this.


Source: Standard & Poors

I would call a 2.96% return a great start to the year.

But if you are checking the score every day, you would have been on this ride.


credit: 2010 artist on drawing

Ironic how this drawing was from 2010. History rhymes.

Berkshire’s Performance vs. the S&P 500 – Shareholder Letter

Can’t leave out Buffett’s letter. With the thousands of commentary on the letter already, I’ve got nothing to add.

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